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Has Dec had a Hair Tranplant in Leeds

Leeds asks.. has Dec had a transplant 

I’m a Celebrity and Britain’s Got Talent host Declan Donnelly has insisted that he has not had a hair transplant in Leeds or any where else, so how has his hair thickened up so rapidly? Dec was showing signs of hair thinning around the crown area and at the front but recently he has appeared on TV with no hair loss or thinning hair. In fact the opposite, his hair is looking really good.

Many people who work with Dec have said that he is concerned about his hair thinning and is using hair re-growth tablets. These tablets would have to be used in conjuction with the Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment in Leeds  that Total Hair Loss Solutions have developed and achieved fantastic results in Leeds.

The treatment consists of using Natural DHT Tablets, Thickening Shampoo and Infrared Laser Treatment.

Many people have said that the 36-year-old had undergone hair transplant treatment after he appeared with a fantastic looking thick head of hair at the recent National Television Awards but this aparently is not the case and it has recently been confirmed that Dec has not undergone surgical treatment at all.

A close friend announced that, “Declan has certainly not had a transplant, he knows his hairline is receding and has taken some steps to tackle it.

“There are all sorts of remedies out there you can get, including tablets and shampoos.” Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds have a tried and tested treatments that will stop your hair loss in Leeds naturally and in many cases our clients have experienced hair re-growth.

They also added “He’s not exactly kept it a secret. He was even joking about it at the NTAs as people he hadn’t seen for a while had noticed the change.” Hair loss can have a major effect on your confidence even if your are a famous celebrity and Dec is no exception so he has done some thing about his thinning hair and found as solution to stop his hair loss, thicken his existing hair and improve the density and quality of what once was thin life-less hair.

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