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Leeds Hair Loss Clinic has a look at Lance Armstrong’s hair Line


Leeds Hair Loss Centre,  Total Hair Loss Solutions has been analysing Lance Armstrong’s receding hair line and has noticed that the hair line is moving backwards.

Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to taking enhancers that enabled him to win so many races but he now faces the label of being a cheat. His hair line recession is there to be seen by all and some would perhaps say that this is a result of the drugs that he has possibly been taking in the past.

It could well be that this is simply early signs of male pattern baldness and this is where Total Hair Loss Solutions, based in Leeds West Yorkshire could help. If you have a similar hair line or worse then our natural Hair Retention Treatment for both men and women can stop your hair from getting worse.

Our Laser Hair Loss Treatment in Leeds has worked on 100% of our clients and their recommendations have led to many more people calling us on a daily basis.

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