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Many people have come across for a consultation with us as a result of seeing more and more hair in the bath. Even though your hair may seem to look the same on your head, excessive shedding and hair loss can usually be detected at early stages when one finds hair around the plug hole, in the brush or on your clothes.

It is so important that this is addressed at the early stage and many people who have experienced hair loss or thinning hair have ignored the signs. There are treatments available at Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds that can put a stop to hair loss men, hair loss women, hair loss in children, men and women who are experiencing thinning hair. Hair loss treatments will vary depending on the extent of the hair loss. The primary objective for anyone who is witnessing thinning hair or hair loss is prevention, stopping the hair loss is vital at an early stage, before baldness occurs.

Many people who have or are experiencing Alopecia will be completely aware of the sinking feel one has when they see their hair around the drainer in the bath. Our hair loss clinic in Leeds has several enquiries a day from people who are so concerned about their hair loss.

If you have recently witnesses more than the usual amount of shedding hair, then wait no longer and call 0113 269 3111 and speak with one of our advisers today.