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What effects hair loss?

Frequently asked questions

Most people who visit us for a free consultation at our hair loss clinic in Leeds tend to ask similar questions. We thought that you would probably have similar questions that need anwersing so here goes:

Can frequent washing of the hair cause hair loss?


Can stress cause hair loss?


Can excessive brushing or head messages cause hair loss?


Can changes in hormone levels cause hair loss?


Can wearing hats all the time cause hair loss?


Can having different hair styles cause hair loss?

Yes, such as very tight pony tails or tight plaits or hair extensions

Can using hair gels, wax, mousses or hair spray cause hair loss?

No, but we advise that these are washed out on a regular basis

If I see lots of hair in my brush or on my pillow, does that mean I am going to be bald?

No, unless very excessive but we advise that you seek advice

Do steriods cause hair loss?


Do hair dyes cause hair loss?

Yes, if not administered correctly

Will my hair loss stop if I wash my hair with cold water?


Does hair loss stem from the mothers side?

No, baldness in hereditary

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