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After a closer look at the structure of my hair I was relieved to find, I had no actual hair loss. Total Hair Loss Solutions explained to me what was happening, was my hairline was “thinning”. The actual shafts of hair were thinner making them more prone to breakage. I had thought about medications and topical hair loss treatments but, they didn’t interest me; so I signed up for the laser hair treatment. After six to eight weeks my hair seemed fuller all over. My hairline took a little longer to notice a change. I never had a thick hairline even when I was younger, so I didn’t have additional growth. What I did observe was the broken hairs were stronger and grew longer. I am satisfied. The staff was polite and discreet. I would recommend Total Hair Loss Solutions, Leeds to anyone. Thank You.


Will anyone notice? That was the main question that was playing on my mind. They noticed something but no one to this day has figured it out. Some people thought I lost weight. Others thought I shaved. Some people said that I finally looked happy. And I guess that is the real answer. I finally feel happy. About life. About myself. Total Hair Loss Solutions are the best.


Not even my hair stylist was able to tell that it wasn’t my own hair. He was absolutely shocked at how real it looked and felt when he styled it. Thank you so much to everyone at Total Hair Loss Solutions, you are fab!


When they first told me about the procedure I was skeptical, but after I saw the results, my life changed, literally. Total Hair Loss Solutions do exactly what their name suggests, they deal with every possible solution for Hair Loss, so why shop around is what I thought. Every single solution to my problem was talked about and we then together choose the best one. What a fantastic decision.


The length of hair that I was able to achieve, the thickness! Wow, I never even had this hair quality when I was a teenager. Thank you for everything.


Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me. When I was first diagnosed with my skin disease, my world crumbled and I didn’t know which way to turn, but then I found you and you’ve been there for me since. Coming to you guys at Total Hair Loss Solutions has changed my life and I am so incredibly happy and thankful. And none of this would have been possible without the patience and skills you all have you guys are the best!!! I will never forget what you’ve done for me, you all are true professionals and even greater friends.


Hey..what can I’s brilliant! My Mrs kept on at me to go and see you and now I am so glad I did. Thanks for every thing, you were right Sat, I now have regained my confidence because I no longer worry about my hair loss anymore. Cheers


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