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Emily Brooke’s life with alopecia

Causes of Alopecia in Leeds, Symptoms of Alopecia in Leeds and Treatments for Alopecia in Leeds, these were the three fundamental areas Emily Brooke’s mother was looking for answers for when Emily aged 11 first witnessed Alopecia Hair Loss in West Yorkshire.  But how did Emily feel about her Alopecia?

We are proud that Emily Brooke who is now a very good friend and a client of Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds is willing to share her experiences of Alopecia Areata and how she has had to manage with alopecia for the last 15 years.

Emily was 11 years old and just like any other school morning her mum stood behind her and began to brush her hair. As she was brushing her hair she suddenly stopped and when Emily asked why she had stopped brushing her hair,  her mum said nothing and continued to brush. Within two months bald patches began to appear on Emily’s head and these were becoming more visable.

Emily was taken to their family GP who told Emily and her mum that there was nothing to worry about and that it was just caused by stress. Emily’s mum immediated pionted out to the GP that Emily was only 11 years old what stress could she possible have. The GP seemed very confident that within weeks the hair would grow back and Emily would have a full head hair like any other 11 year old. The GP seemed sure that there was no other cause and therefore sent Emily and her mum home without any medication.

Several weeks passed and the hair loss continued and huge amounts were coming out so Emily was taken back to the GP who then refered Emily to Dermatology at Leeds General Infirmary and was given a cream to apply on the bald patches. This cream was used for over two months and nothing changed, in fact the hair loss was even worse and it was becoming very difficult to hide the bald patches.

Emily and her family had to come to terms with the fact that she had Alopecia Areata and she could not take a magic pill that would bring all of her hair back. Emily was an alopecia areata sufferer and was told she had to live with it.

Speaking with Emily recently she felt that her most difficult time with Alopecia was when she was at School. Each morning Emily would have to wake up 1 hour before he sister and brother so that she could cover the bald patches with her existing hair. This would be very difficult to do sometimes especially if she was in a rush as panic would set in and many times she would look for excuses not to go to school. Emily would not be comfortable with P.E and especially swimming and would not take part thus making her feel isolated and alone. All the other girls would have sleep overs and hair and make up parties but Emily would politely decline any invites.

Emily eventually made her way through school and went to University. Even through-out University it was very difficult trying to concentrate on her studies as she did not like to tell people she had Alopecia. For many years Emily would hide her bald patches with clip in hair extensions and the hair she had but the extensions were slowly but surely causing further damage on her own hair and this was always a major worry for her.

Emily’s patches were getting bigger and her hair was getting thinner. Emily was always researching the causes, symptoms and treatments of Alopecia Areata but could never find anything until one day she came across Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds.

Emily was very nervous and worried about discussing her Alopecia with a total stranger as she had never told or showed any one apart from her mum her bald patches. She kept putting the consultation off for many months until one day she decided enough was enough and she picked up the phone and spoke with us.

On the day of the consultation Emily nearly cancelled but on arrival at our clinic even though she was very worried and nervous with in five minutes Emily was relaxed and very comfortable. Emily did not show her bald patches for at least 30 minutes into the consultation and it was Emily who in fact suggested that she take her hair extensions out and reveal her Alopecia.

The Elite Hair Replacement was the best solution for Emily and once she had asked all the questions she possibly could Emily was very keen to enter the Design Stage and since then Emily has never looked back with any regrets.

Today, Emily is 26 years old and a successful teacher who enjoys her life with a full head of natural human hair that looks great and she can shower with, sleep with, blow dry, curl, straighten and she is a very happy confident young women who is no longer  worried about Alopecia thanks to our Elite Hair Replacement System.

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