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Rooney’s Drug Concequences

Rooney used Propecia in 2009 and Total Hair Loss Solutions have always been against the use of this drug. Research has confirmed what Total Hair Loss Solutions already knew, Propecia can cause persistent sexual problems, including low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and problems with orgasms. Impotency is now one of the major side effects of this drug.

Many young men are badly advised in the use of Propecia and those who take this drug eventually start to purchase it online. At this point one is not fully aware of what one is actually taking.

Total Hair Loss Solutions warned Leeds Hair Loss suffers several months ago about the dangers of using Propecia and now Dr Michael Irwig from George Washington University in the US published an article about the connection in the Journal of Sexual Medicine after he encountered several men who suffered from sexual dysfunction after taking the drug.

Total Hair Loss Solutions offers a fantastic alternative to Propecia and guarantees no side effects, now that is worth having a chat about. 

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