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Alopecia Camps are great fun

Total Hair Loss Solutions would like an alopecia camp in Leeds yet are so pleased that Alopecia Camp in Scarborough has enabled children with alopecia to have new confidence that has changed their lives. BBC1 My Life: My Life Without Hair documentary following 13 year old Kim and 7 year old Dan who both have alopecia, has been created to make everyone aware of alopecia and the effects it can have on those who experience it.

Many of the children on the show were wearing wigs and did not feel comfortable in them. The wigs were mainly fibre hair and looked false, not forgetting the fact that they were not secure and had to be removed when playing, sleeping or having a shower.

Our Elite Hair Replacement System for alopecia hair loss in Leeds will allow you to play, shower and sleep with your hair, wear your hair in a high pony and be able to wear your hair away from your face and not rely on a heavey fringe. The system is a complete bespoke micro intergrated design and is virtually undetectable. A completely breathable systems that will allow you to function a perfectly normal life.

Alopecia Camps in West Yorkshire are a wonderful idea and will help people who are experiencingal alopecia in Leeds share their thoughts and help one another with their own personal experiences. Scarborough hosts the first alopecia camp and to be fair it is not too far from West Yorkshire. Total Hair Loss Solutions have already told our alopecia clients to visit the camp and they will however many will think why are they at the camp because their hair looks too natural.

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