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Shearer at Leeds United may have “fringe” benefits

Simon Grayson’s sacking as manager of Leeds United could well have helped Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds and cleared the way for Alan Shearer who is currently experiencing hair loss to take over as manager of Leeds United even thoughNeil Warnock seems to be the early favourite to take over from Grayson.

Leeds can offer Shearer a lot more than a job in football management at Leeds, Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds given the opportunity will improve Alan Shearer’s thinning hair in Leeds and improve the density of Shearer’s hair so that he could do more when it comes to styling is hair.


Neil Warnock has a fantastic track record of promoting teams to the premier league such as QPR and Sheffield United in the past. With Warnock being a Yorkshire man, he would love the challenge of managing Leeds United. Warnock does not need to worry about hair loss in Leeds as he has thick hair unlike Alan Shearer.

Shearer would bring a fresh feel to Leeds United and a lift that the club needs at this moment in time. In return Leeds will welcome Alan Shearer and Alan could well take this opportunity to make the most of being in Leeds and use the fascilities at Total Hair Loss Solutions in Leeds to stop any further hair loss and have thicker hair.

This move to Leeds could have fantastic benefits for Leeds United and Alan Shearer however Ken Bates will have the final say. Total Hair Loss Solutions would be thrilled to work with Alan Shearer’s hair loss in Leeds, West Yorkshire and enable Alan to have a natural thicker head of hair. Mark Clattenburg is from the North East just like Alan Shearer and aparently know one another therefore Shearer is probably fully aware of the fantastic results that can be achieved.


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