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Leeds.. leads the way!

Leeds has become a city that most people in the UK and Europe now want to come to, whether it’s for a night out or to live. Leeds offers a lot more than designer shops and fantastic bars and clubs.

Leeds is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire and has excelled in every aspect. St. James Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Europe, if not the world and has one of the best Institute of Oncology. Patients who visit the institute may inevitably experience Chemo Induced Alopecia and many have opted for the bespoke Hair Replacement System designed by Total Hair Loss Solutions based in Leeds.

Total Hair Loss Solutions are moving in the right direction just like many other companies in Leeds. We offer fantastic State of the Art Hair Retention Treatments such as the Laser Regrowth Treatment and amazing Surgical and Non-Surgical procedures.

Leeds has so much more to offer over the next few years and we all are excited in what the future holds however in the meantime Total Hair Loss Solutions can honestly say they are proud to be from Leeds.

Total Hair Loss Solutions specialise in Hair Replacement, Surgical and Non-Surgical, bespoke Hair Systems for individuals with different types of Alopecia. For those who have just started to witness Hair Loss or Thinning of their hair the Hair Laser Retention Programme not only stops Hair Loss but in many cases will aid in Regrowth.

You want a solution for Hair Loss then look no further than Total Hair Loss Solutions, serving not only Leeds but the whole of Yorkshire.

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