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If you are witnessing hair loss and there is no evidence to suggest that there is history of hair loss or thinning hair in your family history, then naturally one asks the question: Is this normal? All humans shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day and a lot of them will re-grow back what they have lost, however those experiencing hair loss or thinning hair will not grow back what they have lost.

There are many causes of Hair Loss amongst us humans and one of the most common causes is genetics. Hair Loss can have a huge impact on an individual’s well being and many people have suffered in silence, especially those who suffered from Hair Loss 20 years ago and before that.

Different people, both men and women will suffer from different types of Hair Loss however the emotional and psychological impact is very similar. Those individuals who have “great” hair cannot fully understand what the emotions are when ones hair is beginning to fall out and there are clearly signs that the hair is not coming back.

Hair Loss sufferers instantly think that this is not normal because their family and friends have “great” hair. So for them, it’s not normal but in reality it is perfectly normal and there are fantastic solutions available in 2011 that are being adapted and implemented on a daily basis which can put a stop to Hair Loss and bring back some normality for Hair Loss Sufferers. If you are asking your self questions such as, why is my hair thinning, how to stop hair loss, at what age should you lose your hair, what is the best cure for hair loss and you live in the Leeds  West Yorkshire or Yorkshire area, then we suggest you contact us now.

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